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The properties displayed here are the complete inventory of all our listed rentals including both short term and long term, without regard to current reservation availability. In other words, this list includes every property in our inventory. As with any of our fast search links, if you find a property you love, then check the calendar to see its availability for the rental dates you are seeking.


While many of the properties we rent include private community beach access, not all of the rental properties are located directly facing the oceanfront. If your vacation dream includes watching the sunrise over the sparkling blue water of the Atlantic while you enjoy your coffee and plan the activities of your day, then you will like the properties we have selected for this list. There is nothing more relaxing than fresh ocean breezes and the sound of the surf breaking on the beach. We hope to see you here soon!


If you have never ended a fun day of vacation with a relaxing beverage or dinner on your patio or balcony overlooking a mile wide waterfront panorama of boats, lights, and a spectacular sundown, then you might like to check out these selected properties that can provide that pleasure any time you choose to indulge. You might even see some playful dolphins. The body of water is locally known as the Indian River, but it is also the Intracoastal Waterway that is the boating highway from the Norfolk, Virginia all the way south to Miami, Florida.

Golf Course

Whether you are an avid golfer or just enjoy watching the game as a sport, you have the ability to rent a vacation home that features views across the Ocean Club Golf Course on-site at the Indian River Plantation Resort. Although just an executive length course, the plentiful lakes and hazards make this Par 61 golf course a fun challenge for golfers of all ability. Even more fun to watch with a cool beverage from the comfort of your patio or balcony. Check out the following selection of properties that feature a golf course proximity with fairway views.

COVID-19 Rental Operations Update

On March 27, 2020 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis enacted Executive Order 20-87 as part of the State plan to control and eliminate the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus disease. The Order requires ALL parties involved in the rental of vacation properties to immediately suspend check-ins and new reservations of vacation guests for the duration of the directive, currently 14 days. Water Pointe Realty Group / Vacation Hutchinson Island is fully complying with the directives of this Executive Order. As a result, we have disabled the auto-booking feature of this rental platform, and are not able to accept any new reservation for any vacation rentals we manage until the expiration of this Executive Order. We apologize for any inconvenience to your future vacation planning, and like all Americans, are hopeful that these sacrifices to our business operations will help speed the reduction of the COVID-19 disease. We will update you at this site with any status changes to this Executive Order 20-87.

Ocean Club Membership Access

Many of our rental property communities are located within the Indian River Plantation Resort on Hutchinson Island. This 200+ acre Oceanfront to Riverfront Resort has an onsite golf course and club facility known as the Ocean Club. If you are renting from an owner that has an Ocean Club membership, you may have guest access to this private club for golf and tennis privileges during your stay. Please ask your rental agent to confirm these guest privileges before you rent your vacation property. Not all vacation properties at the Indian River Plantation Resort include these club access privileges.

Pet Friendly

We love pets and we will probably love yours. However, Pet Friendly properties are difficult to find because most of the condominium community Homeowner Associations on Hutchinson Island forbid renters to have pets on-site. These few properties below are located within communities that do allow pets with clearly stated restrictions. All of these properties require pre-approval of pets, a Pet Addendum, and a non-refundable pet fee for each pet. Further, all rental pet owners are fully responsible for compliance with all of the Homeowners Association rental policy rules for pet ownership within the community. Complaints such as barking, aggressive behavior, or improper disposal of pet refuse may result in termination of your lease.

Long Term Rentals

These properties are only available for rental stays longer than 6 months. Most are rented annually, and they may be located on Hutchinson Island or on the nearby mainland in single family or condominium residential communities.

Short Term Vacation Single Family Homes

These single family vacation residences are all fully furnished just like our island condos, but offer more space and privacy, and are often located in mainland residential areas but conveniently situated near the active tropical and recreational lifestyle activities our clients are seeking.